Finding Beauty Where You Can

Ralph and I headed out to our doctor appointments yesterday morning.  It’s about a 25 minute ride to our doctor’s office and we ran into a lot of traffic.  There is one particularly complicated traffic light where 2 very busy roads come together and everyone is trying to go everywhere.  It’s in a mall area and morning traffic is pretty crazy. 

I think we sat there for about 3 minutes.  I realized that directly across from where we were sitting was a speck of beauty. 

One of my favorite trees is the mimosa.  (I kind of like the drink, too! 😉  ) But seriously, I love this time of year because the mimosas are in bloom. 

It wasn’t easy to get this shot, as I said there was a lot of traffic and it wasn’t about to stop so that I could get my photo! I deleted quite a few because there was a blur of something in the shot, but here are my best two.

The tail end of an SUV…

The best one I got.  I look forward to the time I have a camera with a better telephoto lens that would allow me to get a close up of it.  But for now, I like this and it really did make me smile to see something so pretty amid all of the rush and traffic.  A nice piece of calm within the tumult.

Our appointments went well.  We’re both in pretty good shape and we both need basic blood work.  Mine needs to be done now, Ralph’s in October prior to his next appointment. 

I recently found out that you can actually set up an appointment to have your blood work done.  It elevates some of the waiting when you get there with will be a nice change.  I set it up for Friday morning. 

Now I just have to make sure I don’t eat after 8pm tonight.  I’m good at not eating when I’m trying to stay in control, but why is it that when you CAN’T eat, that’s when you want to do it the most??!!??  Not even a Tootsie Pop??!!?? 😦

Oh, well, I’ll make sure I have something satisfying for dinner so that I can carry it over.  I’ll just have to otherwise occupy myself.  Maybe I’ll get on my exercise bike.  That actually makes me less hungry.  That may work.

Off to Ralph’s dentist appointment a little later this morning.  Boy, with all these tune-ups he’s going to be in Great shape!  😉  I try to make sure he gets everything done that is necessary.  I want to keep him around for a Long time!

In fact, I have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon…we’re going to be the Bionic Couple! 

Trying to fit in a little sorting & packing today, too.  I’ve been slacking a bit. So I’m off to have a productive day.

Happy Wednesday!!

2 responses to “Finding Beauty Where You Can

  1. I’m fairly sure that if you are having blood work on Friday, you don’t have to fast until Thursday night… 🙂

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