The Choice Is Mine

I’ve said for years that one of the reasons I love Weight Watchers so much is because it offers me so many choices.  The problem with choices is…YOU have to make the right one, no one can make it for you.

Since we’ve been back in New Jersey, I’ve really been trying to make the right choices.  Even though my results on the scale last week taught me that I was not as off track as I might have thought, I still felt off track.  That’s not a good feeling to me.  I’ve learned over the years to most often keep myself on track and I truly feel better when I do.

That has been my focus this week…Making the Right Choices.

Wednesday night’s dinner might not look all that much like the right choice but it was for several reasons.  It tasted good and it kept me filled (translate that as I didn’t go looking for snacks after dinner!)

Very simple and easy…the way I like a dinner to be.

This is not a well laid out photo, oh well…I keep working at the old photo taking thing!  Three ingredients-whole wheat pasta, a can of Ro-tel diced tomatoes and green chile, pecorino romano cheese.  While the pasta cooked up, I opened the can put it in the big blue bowl you see in the background, added some garlic powder, crushed red pepper flakes and dried basil.  Microwaved for 2 minutes.  The result…

This doesn’t look that great but it was delicious.  Best part, it took about 7 minutes to put the whole thing together.  Loved it!

Thursday’s breakfast was simple and on the run.

Black cherry Greek yogurt from Aldi.  Very tasty for a store brand.

Still working on the egg salad I made earlier in the week.  Great to have this ready in the fridge.

Got my black beans all cooked up in the crock pot today.  I made myself a little treat that I’ll tell you about tomorrow.  It’s an old favorite that I used to take to work for lunch.  I made it up Thursday afternoon and it’ll be ready for dinner.

Ralph and I got back into our routine of afternoon tea and it is a nice break in the afternoon. Had some Graham crackers with it.  Forgot to take a photo, but it’s a great combo and Graham crackers are a good deal, only 3 Points on WW for 2 of the big crackers.  Yum.

If it seems like I’m talking about food a lot the last few days, I am!  I’m trying to make myself think before I eat something.  I Will have a good result on Saturday morning!  The Choice is Mine!

Happy Friday!

16 responses to “The Choice Is Mine

  1. I have the same views on WW. I love the choice, but it gave me too much wiggle room at times.

    • Dannii, I think it’s something that you have to learn by trial and error. I still have times when I get a little too “flexible.” That’s when I have to pull myself back. That’s why I gave up chips. I would get to flexible with them and that would lead to big trouble. As of this coming Sunday, it will be 17 months since I’ve had chips. I calculate it because I really can’t believe I’ve done it. Maintaining my weight has been so much easier since then. Very hard to do, but now, I just don’t have them…just like chosing not to eat meat, I guess.

  2. ….and we can translate the concept of “the choice is mine” to so many other areas of our life!! i truly believe that if we are not happy, we can put the wheels in motion to change our situation, big or small issue – we’re in the driver’s seat of life!
    i am with you on liking small greek yogurts! our valumart carries a house brand (pres choice) that i recently discovered, they’re tasty, healthy, easy to tote – all good!
    happy friday, fran!

  3. Mmm, I love graham crackers! Okay, probably adds about 30 ww pts, but they are amazing spread with peanut butter. And that’s the thing with choices, it’s nice to have them, but then it means you have to make them…Life. And how is food photography so difficult?? I think I’ve given up on using real pictures, I’ve been relying in Instagram to make my stuff look decent way too much as of late.

    • Graham crackers are AMAZING with apple butter…just try it and that’s not a big bump in points. So many spicy things happening in your mmouth at once! I don’t know how to use Instagram. So many things, I don’t know how to use on this fancy machine here!! 😉

  4. Pasta is definitely a staple around here. Fast, easy, healthy and a crowd pleaser. I am not on WW but you’re right, it’s about our everyday choices adding up. For the most part I make great ones, but to truly enjoy all life has to offer, for me their always has to be room for treats.

  5. That pasta looks AMAZING!! I am totally adding it to the menu for next week:)

  6. I think being mindful is half the battle. I’m trying to make better choices too. Sometimes, simple pasta tastes the best!

  7. The pasta sounds amazing! I love simple recipes like that. 🙂

  8. Have you ever tried brown rice pasta? It actually is quite tasty and might be better as far as WW points? In any case, pasta always hits the spot.

    Hope this weekend is full of more good choices. 🙂

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