Staying The Course

Onward with the good choices!  I feel like I’ve been really on track this week.  I’ve used almost all of my Weekly extra points but at least I’m counting and I have an idea what the outcome will be.  Actually, I will be Very upset when I get to Weight Watchers this morning if I do NOT have a loss.  I’ve worked very hard.  But I feel in control and that’s what counts.

I mentioned that I was going to show you a special treat that I used to make for my lunches when I was working.  Well, I guess it’s not a “treat”…it’s a salad, but that’s always a treat to me!

It started like this…

One cup of black beans freshly out of the crock pot.  1 cup of frozen corn, defrosted.  However much I felt like of salsa.  I used a store brand and probably about a cup and a half, but it’s your choice.  I added some garlic powder, some ground black pepper and a bunch of Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime.  I also like it with green Tabasco sauce, but I was out so I improvised.  Mix it all together.

Chopped up a big bowl of Romaine lettuce, topped it with the mixture, then some shredded cheese.  This is so simple and so good.  It really is a good lunch to go.  I would cut up the lettuce in a container with the cheese on top.  In a separate container, I would put the bean/corn/salsa mix, then mix them together when it was time to eat.  It was such a tasty treat when other people were paying way too much for inferior cafeteria food.  I got so many comments over the years from people saying how good it looked.  It does and it is!

Friday’s breakfast was something I haven’t done in a while…a breakfast parfait!

I layered Fiber One, sliced banana, sliced strawberries and fat-free vanilla yogurt.  Loaded it all in an old glass measuring cup that was my Grandmother’s.  I have two of them and they’re perfect for this type of thing, kind of cool too.  So tasty and such a good start to the day!

Do you think I liked it?!?!  Yup…

Friday’s lunch was the end of the line for the egg salad I made this week.

Just chopped up some Romaine and loaded on the salad topped with some ground black pepper and chopped up sweet pickles.  This was so good. I like the combo and I think I need to make egg salad again Next week.  Oh, wait…I’m going away, guess I better come up with another game plan!

Keep your fingers crossed for me at Weight Watchers today.  I’m hoping for the best.  Then I get to go to Ele’s church rummage sale.  That’s always great fun…maybe I’ll find some Treasures!!

Happy Saturday!!

8 responses to “Staying The Course

  1. have fun at the rummage sale, fran!! i hope you find some good deals…mom and i are off to our knitter’s fair extravaganza!! fingers crossed that we’ll find as good deals as the orange yarn from last year!
    that is so cool that you have and use your g’ma’s glassware. i love using family dishes – they are filled with love and good vibes!
    happy saturday!

    • Hope the extravaganza (an under used word I think!) was just that! Great deals at the Rummage since I got them all for Free!! Have to do a photo shoot. I love Grandmom’s things. These measuring cups are especially unique. Have a great day, Cathy!!

  2. Good luck at WW Fran! Your bean salad does look tasty (and simple, which is key!).

  3. That salad sounds AMAZING!!!! Yum!!!

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